My Story

As a parent, we take great pride in caring for our kids. My children, Noah and Levi, actually inspired me to develop this amazing new product. When I told them about my idea and how it would help their nani and I, they loved it! With wide eyes they asked, "When will it be in stores, Mom?!". They didn't ask "if", they asked "when". That was all the motivation I needed. Thank you, boys.

Bathe your kids

Bathe your pets too

Willow the Knee Pillow
for all your needs

Willow the Knee Pillow ®


  • Soft high quality kneeler
  • Contoured knee and shin area for perfect comfort
  • Made to use up against a bath tub
  • Patent Pending

Contributions made to the research and advocacy of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E., a very serious and overlooked disease.

Willow the Knee Pillow, LLC. California